Client Testimonials
It was such a pleasure working with you on my photoshoot. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you and have the experience of your knowledge and professionalism.

You produce and directed the whole process, including posing styles and locations. You're fun to work with. I love your work ethic. I'll love to have that experience again. The photos came out great. I love the photos and my agency love your work as well.

Thank you again
Babatunde Adeyemi
Hi JP,
I want to say that the photoshoot we did was so much fun and and the photos are amazing, very high quality! I especially love the shots you took with the marbled textured grey background against my tie-dye shirt (great texture and contrast). I also like the shots on the Highline, the shadows on my face you captured and the entire compositions are lovely.

You definitely have a great eye for what works and also know how to capture the best qualities and angles in a model. I had a fabulous time working with you and appreciate advice from an experienced model and photographer such as yourself.
Even though we were shooting in the cold, in NYC, it was a lot of fun. JP is full of positive energy; he guides/directs you through the whole session.

We took pictures in several different places including a rooftop, in the street and in front of houses. While shooting with him, I felt super comfortable and natural!!

I definitely am going to work with him again when I need another photoshoot and I will recommend him to all my friends. I had a spectacular experience and the quality of the pictures was fantastic.
-- Aiba
This is my second time working with JP. I first worked with him for my modeling composites and now I was behind the scenes for a project of my own.

JP's work sums up as excellence!! Not only is he time concise but he captures everything beautifully. We shot 35 items of scarves and jewelry in less than one hour and every single picture was just amazing, from the lighting to the background, to the model and the emphasis on the accessories.

He is really impeccable and worth everything. So far the best photographer I have worked with and I recommend him highly.

Totally terrific. I reached out to JP when I saw his offer on Facebook, since I was looking to have new headshot taken for business purposes.

While in the city for a targeted amount of time, JP was able to slot in a tight appointment. Within a whirlwind 30 minutes, we were finished, and a handful of days later, he sent me an extraordinary collection of images.

Not only are the photos world-class (and upon which I have received a flood of positive responses), but JP's work style was excellent and insightful. I could tell that he brought his own experience as a model, in directing the shoot, offering spot-on pointers and encouragement.

I would recommend his work to anyone, and I hope I can persuade others in my office to take advantage of his talent. Great value in all ways.

Holly Hodder
Working with JP was an absolute joy!

I loved the sense of urgency that we had during the shoot it made it exciting and seeing the pictures also proved to me that he excelled in what he does. The pictures came out fantastic.

JP knows how to scout for the perfect locations to shoot and also gave me great advice on my poses. He was absolutely personable while still maintaining his professionalism. If you're looking for a great headshot or pictures, he's the go to guy!!!!
I have worked with numerous photographers over the past years, and I gotta say that working with JP has been something exceptional and quite unbelievable. Right from the start we somehow clicked right away. He knew exactly what was needed in order to bring out the best of my personality, and I understood him practically without any verbal communication.

The shoot was fast paced, and that is not to say that JP was in a rush to finish the shoot. On the contrary, more work had been accomplished than I ever knew was possible in the given amount of time.

JP is very dynamic, sharp-minded and very quick on his feet. He would get new ideas and execute them on the spot. He would come up and talk to strangers if that was necessary for that exceptional shot. He would seize every opportunity to bring his ideas to life. I was amazed. He's friendly, funny, honest and VERY VERY talented. During breaks we would laugh, exchange stories, share experiences. The result exceeded all of my expectations.

Up until now, no one's been able to present and emphasize my personality in the way that JP was able to. It was a great experience. So highly recommended.
Working with JP was a pleasure and a privilege. Not only is he very talented, he's also professional, and very personable.

Immediately, I felt comfortable and the feedback while being photographed was both helpful and encouraging. The creativity he expressed was quite amazing as well- definitely has a natural talent for photography and visualization. He made shooting in the cold, one of the best experiences ever!

The photos were lovely and I had lots of fun in the process...couldn't have asked for more! I'm very thankful and pleased to have gotten the opportunity to shoot with JP.
Jennifer K.
Enjoyed our shoot together, it was an exciting, rapid fire photo shoot that produced excellent images!

JP is an electric on fire photographer that is skillful in his profession and technique.

Together we took the Westside of NYC by storm and the results speak for themselves.
Working with JP was a rewarding experience from start to finish. The energy and professionalism he brings to the shoot helps to establish a trusting environment, which allows for him to capture you in the best and most natural way possible.

Not only did I have a great time shooting with JP, I learned a ton during the experience. It was great to work with someone so passionate about their craft.

I highly recommend JP to anyone and I hope to work with him again soon!
JP has this wonderful ability to make you feel relaxed and free to play which is so important when taking a picture as personal as a headshot.

Even though we had some inclement weather he actually used it to his advantage and was still able to capture some amazing outside shots.

He taught me so much about my physicality and helped me strive for authenticity rather than a "pretty posed" picture. He knows how to communicate with models because he continues to work as a model which makes him a great photographer.

I highly recommend him.
It was lovely to work with JP-
he is full of fun, energy and very professional guy!

Thank you so much for a great experience and such an attitude! I appreciate your tips and hints you gave me about posing.

It was enjoyable and very useful for my portfolio building. Well done!
My best wishes and many thanks again!
I met JP at a private event a few years ago. It was not until recently I needed his professional help for business purposes. I always enjoyed his company during our social contacts, however his professional skills and knowledge as a photographer are just outstanding.

We did a photo session early in the morning which took about one and a half hours at a few different locations. JP's high level of artistry and sense of humor made me feel very relaxed and able to get the best photos of me. His tremendous experience as a model himself and after that as a professional photographer made all the difference in the world when it came to represent me in the best possible way.

JP made me feel great about myself and my overall experience as his client is filled with gratitude and positive energy. I have been getting positive feedback about my photos from friends and family and have confidently recommended them JP's services. JP is classy, knowledable, artistic, unique and fun to work with. Two thumbs up!!!
Working with JP was amazing. Coming into New York as a new face with old photos I knew I need some new head shots. Coming to know to JP was a blessing, as him being a former model, actor, he has been behind cameras for awhile. Now him picking up photography he really has the eye to do it and he also gives you advice and tells how to feel to bring out the picture to be natural.

JP you rock man thanks for everything, you helped me a lot. I would be looking for you when I need some new shots.
Being on set can often be an arduous experience; however working with JP may be the complete opposite.

His direction, energy and focus promote and encourage the model he is photographing. Through such a method JP is able to center on producing not only the best photograph but also the most interesting.

From a models perspective, working with JP is both exciting and entertaining; his demeanor, while encouraging, forces those he is working with to be at their best if only to match his level of professionalism and quality of work.
-Mark Jackson Jr.
Having a photo shoot with JP was more than exciting, I would say it was amazing!!

He really knows how to get the best of you in a photo, he breaks your old habits and guides you to be yourself in front of the camera. He is focused on who you are and how you feel so you can show the essence of you through your natural expressions. I discovered myself through these photos, how I really look and what works and what doesn't for me, thanks to JP. He is a great professional, and he has a marvelous energy. Working with him was a fun and wonderful experience and I'm looking forward to work again with him.
Hey JP,
I have received more compliments on the photos from you than any other I've taken--mostly because you are able to capture a realness in your photos. There is a natural ease in the photos that is refreshing. I am so happy to have worked with you You really made it easy to just be myself on the photo shoot. I think every model should have the type of work you do in their portfolio. Thanks again for everything.
Working with JP was a complete Pleasure and Inspiration....
JP gives 100% to what he does....
JP is creative, committed and alot of fun in all he brings.
JP creates space for you to blossom and feel free to express your Soul.
was lovely working with u...your a fabulous photographer and the images spoke for them self, so so pleased with the out come and hopefully when am back again in the states we can work together again!
I was very pleased to work with Jp,
He is very professionals and don't waist any time or energy in both side, he is very efficient and focus and I love his pictures, they look real and so powerfull,
JP was such a pleasure to work with! Right away he told me his ideas on what he was wanting to capture and it was all in consideration of what I really needed for my portfolio. He made it very clear of what he wanted which helped me deliver that feeling on my side of the camera. There was not any wasted time the whole shoot, which was and is important to me as there usually is too much wasted time during like projects. He is very professional and I hope I get to work with him again someday soon! Thank you JP!
JP's experience on both sides on of camera really shines through his work. His advice and mentoring is extremely valuable. In a short period of time we became friends and the quality of our shots skyrocketed. I hope to work with him again in the near future and wish him the best of luck.
The shoot was fantastic. It was my first professional photoshoot, but going into it I was not a speck nervous. JP was very energetic, directive, and speedy (which is fantastic for the limited time most of us have), but that didn't take away from the quality of my portraits.
JP knows exactly what he is doing, he is very prof.
Thank you so much for everything.
More than an opportunity, working with you was a privilege.
You embody professionalism.
You knew how to guide me and get the best out of me during the shooting.
The final result is great...I would do it all again.
Thanks again JP.
JP went above and beyond what I was expecting. A pleasure to work with, he took beautiful photos for my professional needs. I was also impressed with the variety of shots and looks provided for my personal uses. If you're looking for a talented, knowlegeable and professional photographer, JP is the man!
Thanks Again,
JP is an amazing and extremely talented photographer. I really encourage you to work with JP. He has incredible skill, vision and a great personality. I had a very inspiring shoot with JP. He understood what needed to be accomplished and did so in a very timely fashion. He has the ability to complete the work in an efficient and fun way. He is very professional and a great guide. I felt relaxed throughout the shoot.
I am beyond happy with the pictures.
Thank you JP!
It was great working with Jp. He has a great energy and is easy to get along with. I definitely took away a lot of knowledge shooting with him.
he worked fast and kown excatly what he is doing,
I had a wonderful time and the pictures look amazing
Thanks Jp!
Hey JP,
thank you very much for the amazing pictures you took!
They look so beautiful! My wife and everyone loves the pictures!
I was really surprised how quickly you shoot and how fast I received the pics,
Thank you once again for making memorable those amazing pics! Truly,
Well, jp work us very unique, he kowns what he is doing, and feel you, in a relax way,
I can tell, he is being a prof model for many years, and kown How to read you
His pictures talked itself.
Hi JP,
the photo shot we did together was great first you are a very professional as taking time choosing sites, pick up the right outfit and also very sufficient with the time. Thank you a lot for making my portfolio on one day and also gave me an opportunity to find a new agency and start my career model again after taking a break for 5 years.
thank you again.
i love the pictures...thank you so much for such a wonderful shoot....the photographer is exceptional!...can't wait to see the're the best.
Thanks! I absolutely LOVE the pics (even the 'ok' ones - I love them too!).
JP is very easy to work with; very professional, and I felt comfortable right away. He was able to give me pointers to tweak my poses just slightly to get the best shot possible. Highly recommended!
Photographer JP impressively dilutes the feelings of uncertainty and uncomfortableness in front of a camera by helpfully demonstrating and encouraging models to find themselves within a shoot. His confidence, and professional attitude makes shooting with him easy and enjoyable while allowing the photographs to speak for themselves. His tenacity for shooting in any kind of light allow each experience between him and his models to become something special and critically developmental.
i really love them, you are a very good photographer, Thanks for working with me. the one in the lingerie black and white is great.
I love are SO talented!
Hey JP,
I love the photos!
Y and I agreed that I'm so self conscious in front of the camera that my nonsmiling camera facial expression is way different than my normal everyday. But because it was captured in a flattering way, we enjoy it as a different side to me that comes out only when the camera is there.
Great weekend, xo,
hello jp
everyone who visits us is blown away by the family portraits you shot of us last christmas. we would like to have you shoot another as the girls grow up and we grow older.
the speed with which you captured us, the humor you used to get our personalities to the surface, your clever manipulation of the setting so it looked different in each shot, brilliant! thank you for a wonderful portrait that reflects so much of who we are and is such a family treasure.
please feel free to ask us to be a reference. we would be happy to speak to any prospective client and allay any doubts they may have.
Hi jp,
Thanks for pictures. They are really good.
Thanks much for your patience and time at the photoshoot, I had the best time ever and such a pleasure working with you.
You're an awesome artist.
ciao xoxo
JP,you did a great job at shooting me, making me very comfortable in front of the camera. The results were very pleasing.
Those pictures have gotten me a few good jobs in the modeling industry.
I really recommend him.
I been doing modeling since I'm 16 years old and I was not a very good model as I never find a photographer who was capable to find a way to find a natural shoot of myself. JP was the only photographer capable to relax me, talking to me and joking as I'm always very nervous before a shoot.
The smoothly process of a shoot with JP made you forget the camera.
jp did a amazing job, we shoot outside and inside the result was impressive.
he knows how to direct the people and make them relax to open up...
he is a good photographer.
JP is very good photographer
I enjoyed the multi photoshoots I had with him!
JP make you comfortable...
It was great working with you on Friday! You have such an eye for detail, demanding perfection and it shows in your work. Thank you so much. I had a great time, and i loved the result and the pictures look great,
I am a New York-Paris based architect who is keen on the importance of visual representation. I have contacted JP to help me launch a second career modeling advertisements targeting middle aged customers.

The second we started, I sensed his passion and energy. Life for JP is simple, beautiful and bountiful and he wants you to experience it.

Being a model himself, JP is a well experienced coach. His work is a process of discovery - shedding a different light on his subject and bringing out a special quality that was untapped.

He brings out an air of confidence and self assurance keeping the sense of humor alive – humanity at its best...

Anyone who has seen my photos were duly impressed and a bit jealous too!!!!

Thank you JP,

i really enjoy working with you.
I think our chemistry was very good .. you're very easy with work with.
thank you very much for the opportunity. you work so fast and you're very efficient, you go to the point and you know exactly what you're doing
the images look fantastic
I would like to work with you again
I had an amazing time shooting with Jean.
He was very professional and made it easy to get comfortable during the shoot. He works quick and has an amazing eye. I would work with him any time and am definitely looking forward to that opportunity.
Great thanks JP.
You were wonderful,
very knowledgeable and a great director for the shots.
you were very easy to work with, fun to talk to and a true artist whose experience as a model really showed through in the cinematic brilliance of all the shots!
A great addition to my port and a wonderful afternoon spent at a beautiful location!
Working with JP was one of the most professional and enjoyable experiences I have had in my modeling career thus far.
JP captured my truest moments and the pictures sky-rocketed my marketability. I am more than happy with the outcome and would recommend him to anyone!
it was such a pleasure working with you. You gave me such good directions and advice on my portfolio
My pictures came out amazing all my friends love it even my agent said it's simply stunning. You really got something different outta me. Very very easy and fun to work with and i hope we can work together in the future agin. Once again thank you very much for the wonderful work you did and for be so helpful and kind about everything...
wow! i loved the energy that jp had throughout our shoot.
the shots were so natural, care free and showed who i really was as a model.
i loved how his work was quick and to the point.
i would absolutely recommend jp to any professional model.
anna maria
It was a wonderful experience to shoot with JP. He works quick and gets great results! In addition, his experience of being in front of the camera makes the shoot comfortable, fun, and easy.